Professional Career updated at 2024-03-03

About me

Since early 2023, I made a pivotal decision: to reboot my professional profile to harness the power of AI. Initially, it felt as though my knowledge had shrunk to just 10% of its former value. However, I soon realized that this reboot was not just about enhancing my productivity; it was about transforming how I solve problems. Since then, I've been building a lot of tools leveraging AI to tackle challenges more efficiently. This journey has been about continuously seeking ways to improve and automate workflows, aiming to boost results exponentially.

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Daniel Bonates, from Brazil, and I'm a Senior Technology Leader, AI-Powered Builder, and Stealth Startup Enthusiast.


As a recognized and intuitive technology leader, with 30 years on the road, I seek to combine my software development experience with AI innovation, while maintaining my distinctive leadership style that nurtures talent and promotes collaboration. This approach of mine has consistently yielded innovative technological advances and cohesive team dynamics, and I'm very proud of that, of discovering talent and seeing people shine, building relevant things. As I seek a new role, I intend to leverage my leadership qualities and experience with AI in product development to generate value at greater scale and drive organizational growth.



Senior Software Engineer | Wex Inc

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Delivery Much

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Peixe (formerly Peixe Urbano)

Mobile Manager | Peixe Urbano

iOS Developer | Various Companies

Engineering Manager | Affero Lab (formerly EduWeb)


Universidade da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro (UNICARIOCA)






Available upon request., 2024. Reach me at [email protected]