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Welcome! Here I will explore the concept of leading by being true to yourself and how it can positively impact your leadership journey. I am Daniel Bonates, and I am thrilled to share my knowledge and contribute to your growth as a leader.

The Journey to Authentic Leadership

Throughout our leadership trajectory, we often confront the question of how to lead by being our authentic selves. This question may arise as an internal conflict, just as it did for me 15 years ago when I began questioning the results I was delivering as a leader. I realized that my routine was solely focused on what tasks to do and how to execute them, without considering the bigger picture.

Shifting Perspectives for Better Results

To align myself with my desired outcomes and evolve as a leader, I changed my perspective. Instead of asking what and how, I started asking myself about the objectives and desired results. This shift allowed me to connect more deeply with my purpose and the importance of my contributions.

Embracing Mentoring and Discovering Mental Models

Seeking assistance, I discovered the power of mentoring. In one of these sessions, I learned about the concept of a mental model, which transformed my approach to leadership. By aligning what I wanted with the desired results of those I led, I found common ground and eliminated conflicts caused by differences in communication styles.

Leading by Being You: The Path to Self-Discovery

Leading by being yourself starts with self-awareness. Understanding what truly matters to you, your identity, purpose, family, and career, is crucial. This self-knowledge sets you on a path of personal development, where you become the protagonist in your own life and prioritize what truly matters to you.

Using Personal Results to Generate Value Through People

Once you have a clear understanding of yourself, you can use your personal results as a tool to connect with others and enhance their achievements. Leadership is all about generating value through people, and assessing the quality of your leadership is as simple as observing the results of your followers.

The Leadership Experience: Going Beyond Traditional Approaches

I do not delve into traditional management concepts such as performance evaluation, feedback, or goal management frameworks. Instead, I will introduce the concept of the Leadership Experience, which focuses on utilizing your personal results to generate value through people.

Applying Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development

Drawing from my experience in technology leadership and personal development, I will guide you on how to leverage your personal growth to create high-performance teams. You will learn to identify and correct behaviors that hinder your progress and how to communicate effectively to foster unity among team members.

A Comprehensive Approach to Leadership

Throughout my work, I always share patterns and practical techniques that I have developed over my 25 years of experience as a leader in various roles. From programmer to CTO, co-founder of startups, and mentor, I have gathered insights and strategies that have consistently produced results.


Leading authentically and generating value through people requires self-awareness, personal development, and effective communication. By embracing your individuality and aligning it with the mission and values of your organization, you can become a leader who inspires and achieves exceptional results.

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