Life is a Contract updated at 2024-03-04

Life is a Contract

Life revolves around the pursuit of happiness. But what exactly defines happiness? It is the outcome of an agreement between you and your mind, a contract, so to speak. This contract is based on the premise of freedom and the guarantee of progress. Without these elements, the contract does not exist, making it impossible to reach an agreement with your mind and, consequently, to achieve happiness.

Freedom is essential because without it, progress cannot be assured. Progress, in turn, is experienced as a continuous sensation of evolution and growth. It is not an end goal but a process that occurs during action. Progress arises from movement, which results from changes applied to problems.

To experience progress, it is necessary to face problems. They represent the distance between the current point and the desired one, and should not be avoided. They are challenges that, when overcome through solutions, cause changes. These changes propel you towards your goal. Upon reaching it, your perspective shifts, new destinations emerge, and with them, new challenges. Overcoming these new challenges renews the cycle of progress.

However, this movement is only possible if you are free. The contract with the mind, which leads to happiness, only takes effect if you accept your freedom and make your own decisions. Some would accept this contract, wishing to be masters of their lives and not base their choices on the opinions of others. Others, however, would hesitate, doubting their ability to ensure progress. Nevertheless, everyone is born with this contract already signed, even if they are not aware of it.

Many people do not recognize their freedom and autonomy, following paths that do not belong to them and solving problems that do not lead them to their true destinations. It is crucial to know if the desired destination is truly yours because, otherwise, you will be living someone else's life.

Frustration arises when your own life demands adherence to this contract, as being free and the owner of your choices is an inalienable right. Unhappiness is a sign that you are not honoring this contract, being held accountable by yourself, your inner self, and sometimes even by those around you., 2024. Reach me at [email protected]