The Power of Being Yourself updated at 2024-03-04

The Power of Being Yourself

Welcome! Here I will explore the leadership topic. I'm about to share some of my knowledge and insights with you, based on my own experience. No theory, no fluff, just my real-life journey and practical advice!

TL;DR: As a seasoned leader, I discovered the key to impactful leadership is staying true to oneself, understanding personal values and purpose. Early in my career, I faced a conflict between my desire for impact and prescribed leadership methods. By seeking mentorship and embracing the concept of "mental models," I learned to align my leadership style with my values, which improved communication and connectedness with my team. I realized leadership isn't about rigid methodologies but about personal growth, creating value through people, and leveraging individual achievements to inspire and elevate others, focusing on Software Product and Results. Drawing from a diverse array of insights and personal experiences, I crafted a unique leadership style emphasizing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the power of being oneself.

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One of the most common questions that arise throughout a leadership journey is, "How can I lead while staying true to myself?" This internal questioning often arises when leaders feel disconnected from the results they are delivering. I personally experienced this conflict 15 years ago when I began to question why I wasn't seeing the impact I desired in my leadership role.

At the time, my routine consisted of simply asking what needed to be done, how it should be done, and then passing on instructions to my team. However, I wanted to be more involved and connected with the work. So, I changed my approach. Instead of focusing solely on what and how, I started asking myself, "What is the objective? What is the desired outcome?" This shift allowed me to align myself more closely with the results and evolve as a leader.

Nevertheless, this change created a conflict. The individuals who held authority over me continued to dictate how I should operate. Tired of these clashes, I sought guidance and discovered the power of mentorship. Through mentoring, I learned a concept that revolutionized my mindset: the concept of a "mental model." This realization resolved the issue of differing leadership styles because I realized it was simply a matter of aligning my desires with what mattered to others. Instead of wasting energy on conflicts, I redirected my focus towards effective communication and finding points of connection with others.

By embracing this new approach, my leadership and results reached new heights. So, how can you lead while being true to yourself? It starts with understanding what truly matters to you. Identify the values and purpose that define your identity, both personally and professionally. Why is self-awareness important? Because it launches you on a path of development, where personal growth empowers you to become the protagonist of your own life and the master of your priorities. This is what everyone desires.

But how can you leverage your personal growth to connect with others and maximize their potential? This is where your leadership comes into play. Leadership is about creating value through people. If you want to know how effective you are as a leader, look at the results of your team. The quality of those results reflects the quality of your leadership.

Leading as yourself involves using your personal achievements as tools to connect with others. It means harnessing your individual progress to enable and enhance the achievements of those around you. This is precisely what true leadership entails.

I don't believe that there's a manual or a guidebook on management techniques, frameworks, or goal-setting strategies that work on all cases. Instead, I believe on the "Leadership Experience" as an authentic path for someone that really is passionate about results and people. That includes personal development and utilizing your individual progress as a catalyst for generating value through others.

Throughout my career, I have drawn insights from diverse areas, such as emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, and human behavior. I have combined these learnings with my professional experience in technology and personal development to create my own leadership style, as a blend of theory and practical application., 2024. Reach me at [email protected]