Things I Do Before and After Sleep updated at 2024-03-04

Things that I show look before start my day

And recap before go to sleep

OnTake care of
BehaviorAvoid saying no
LeadershipAdd value through teamwork
BehaviorAdhere to principles and values
LeadershipBe consistent: act as you advise others
PostureHope for the best but prepare for the worst
Self-awarenessUnderstanding myself, knowing my priorities
PostureIssues aren't limited to business hours or weekdays
Self-awarenessMy priorities are myself, my family, and my business
IdentityRecognizing my priorities: myself, my family, my business
Self-awarenessMy actions are based on choice, not dictated by my schedule
Self-awarenessKnowing my priorities helps me make choices and set priorities
Self-awarenessBe aware of my levels of: satisfaction, progress, leadership, feeling trapped, failure, and feeling overburdened., 2024. Reach me at [email protected]